We Found a Photobooth on Haight St.


The Sun Came Out!

It’s the middle of my first week of school in SF… It’s been a hectic week, inspiring to say the least, and so far, my classes seem appropriately difficult.  The most rigorous, perhaps, is going to be my Sexual Ethics class, which requires lots of reading.  The most time consuming will probably be my Museum Studies class.  I just found out that I am on the PR Board for the Art+Architecture Annual.  It’s a show in the Spring showcasing the work of the Juniors and Seniors.  There will be a professional panel and large prizes for winners, and I get to organize the promotion, opening night (I want authentic Italian, a big jazz band, and I’d love it if Sebastiani Winery would provide the vino… You have to outline your goals if you want to manifest them, right??  No such thing as aiming too high.)  as well as the awards ceremony and I might be in charge of MC-ing the event.  Hopefully there is someone else who wants to do that more than me…

Japanese is TOUGH… there are a lot of students of Asian descent in the class, which begs the question, how do you already have numbers 1-100 memorized? I’ve already made over 50 note cards and I just carry them with me everywhere, looking at them whenever I can.  What other way is there?  I have to say, I feel a little lost in this class already, only because the teacher speaks half in English and half in Japanese.  She also has online homework that you submit to a digital dropbox as well as regular homework and a mandatory weekly 45 minute tutoring session… In this case, I’m going to be like Forrest Gump and just do what I’m told to do promptly until someone tells me to do otherwise.

I’m also organizing an intramural indoor soccer team because I think it would be a really fun thing to do.  So far, I have 3 people on my team, including myself.  Haha… yeah, i know.  I’m determined to put together a team by next Wed. We play every Tuesday evening… not too much, just a fun way to get some exercise and make some friends.

Weekend is full already!  Thursday Basketball game, Friday I’m going with some friends to a party that Rayna’s brother is DJing, Saturday… Rugby game at 1 and then I’m supposed to get a glass of wine with a cute boy and I hope we can meet up with my friends afterward… Sunday, study day.

I hope my books come ASAP!  Also, Michelle’s roommate moved in.  She’s really nice also!  My room is still a single 🙂 yippee.  Gotta run to the library. Big Kisses!


Rainy Bay

San Francisco already feels like home.  Part of me is pained to say that because I miss some very close friends on the central coast, part of me doesn’t believe myself when I say that (I’m waiting for loneliness to strike, for the discomfort that comes along with moving somewhere new) and finally part of me feels really great saying that.

My roommate hasn’t moved in yet, but one of my housemates has and we get along really well–i definitely lucked out.  She’s the sweetest girl, she’s studying abroad from Barcelona and we’re having a great time discovering the city and figuring out the school together.  We’re both very happy to have each others’ company, and excited because even if we don’t get along with the other roommates, at least we have each other!

Today I’m going to the Academy of Sciences with some friends because it’s free admission today.  I went with my dad, sister and Michelle (my house mate) on Monday and this a picture in front of the dinosaur:

Tomorrow is the new student orientation, which I’m very excited about because I feel like  I need some more information… I’m out in left field here, especially compared to Michelle who has been going to International student orientations all week.

All I really need before school starts is a pair of rain boots, the hunt is on.

Hope everyone is staying safe and dry.  xxxxxx


SF Bound

It has been so incredibly long since I last posted!  Not to mention even longer since I posted with any interest at all in my own blog…  This happens from time to time–life gets in the way, I lose interest in communicating my life to a broad audience… it’s understandable, is it not?  I hate feeling too plugged in!  Does anyone really like it?  I don’t think that anyone enjoys it, they just don’t notice it… I, myself, don’t notice it.  As it is I have a blog, a twitter, a facebook, an email that I check compulsively, text messages/comments/emails/messages to return– it can get old really fast!  Especially without a nice 2 week long backpacking trip or remote, international vacation to duck under the radar, leave the cell phone at home and get through a few books that have been sitting on your shelf since last summer.

Before I buy a ticket to Bermuda, I’ll explain my last few weeks as an attempt to prepare you for the blog posts to come.  I think this blog may be taking a serious change in tone–it only seems fitting since my life undergoing major change as well.  I got in to University of San Francisco for this coming Spring semester and I’ll be moving into my new place in the city on Saturday… which is very exciting but also somewhat overwhelming.  Think about the transition from San Luis Obispo to SF… I’m slightly concerned for my own safety.  At the very least, I fear that my small-town sensitivity and friendliness is under siege.  I hope to maintain it as much as I can.

I’m anticipating that living in San Francisco will change me, as every new adventure has, and in a sense it’s exciting to wait and see what happens.  There are other ways, however, that I won’t allow the city to influence me.  First of all, I fully intend on maintaining blonde hair.  SF, it seems, is a sea of black/grey coats and brunette hair.  I love the blonde and so that’s the first thing I declare.  The second is that I start up this blog thing again.  I’ve gone the longest I ever have without writing, a feat that has taught me the importance of writing.  It keeps me honest and aware, and it helps me take life less seriously.  When you assign a narrative to the events in your life, I think it helps to see the bigger picture and eliminates the (often fatal) tunnel vision which so many people have (writers too, don’t get me wrong.)  The risk is that you turn the narrative of your life into a cliche, or your skew it to fit a story line youre already familiar with (one that, most likely, has a happy ending…)

Get ready for me to share my new city life.  It’s crazy how much potential lies in the coming days!  Tomorrow I’m getting my hair done, going brighter 🙂  Check back soon, I promise I won’t leave you hangin’ again.

xoxo erika