SF Bound

It has been so incredibly long since I last posted!  Not to mention even longer since I posted with any interest at all in my own blog…  This happens from time to time–life gets in the way, I lose interest in communicating my life to a broad audience… it’s understandable, is it not?  I hate feeling too plugged in!  Does anyone really like it?  I don’t think that anyone enjoys it, they just don’t notice it… I, myself, don’t notice it.  As it is I have a blog, a twitter, a facebook, an email that I check compulsively, text messages/comments/emails/messages to return– it can get old really fast!  Especially without a nice 2 week long backpacking trip or remote, international vacation to duck under the radar, leave the cell phone at home and get through a few books that have been sitting on your shelf since last summer.

Before I buy a ticket to Bermuda, I’ll explain my last few weeks as an attempt to prepare you for the blog posts to come.  I think this blog may be taking a serious change in tone–it only seems fitting since my life undergoing major change as well.  I got in to University of San Francisco for this coming Spring semester and I’ll be moving into my new place in the city on Saturday… which is very exciting but also somewhat overwhelming.  Think about the transition from San Luis Obispo to SF… I’m slightly concerned for my own safety.  At the very least, I fear that my small-town sensitivity and friendliness is under siege.  I hope to maintain it as much as I can.

I’m anticipating that living in San Francisco will change me, as every new adventure has, and in a sense it’s exciting to wait and see what happens.  There are other ways, however, that I won’t allow the city to influence me.  First of all, I fully intend on maintaining blonde hair.  SF, it seems, is a sea of black/grey coats and brunette hair.  I love the blonde and so that’s the first thing I declare.  The second is that I start up this blog thing again.  I’ve gone the longest I ever have without writing, a feat that has taught me the importance of writing.  It keeps me honest and aware, and it helps me take life less seriously.  When you assign a narrative to the events in your life, I think it helps to see the bigger picture and eliminates the (often fatal) tunnel vision which so many people have (writers too, don’t get me wrong.)  The risk is that you turn the narrative of your life into a cliche, or your skew it to fit a story line youre already familiar with (one that, most likely, has a happy ending…)

Get ready for me to share my new city life.  It’s crazy how much potential lies in the coming days!  Tomorrow I’m getting my hair done, going brighter 🙂  Check back soon, I promise I won’t leave you hangin’ again.

xoxo erika


One thought on “SF Bound

  1. Dear Erika I love your blog and rely on it to keep up with you on the ground and in the soul. I check it nearly every day to see if you are writing and indeed it has been a long stretch. It is a brave and daunting adventure to take on San Francisco. Ashley has managed to tame NY. Just be yourself and stay aware. Grandma advice, drum roll please, this is an investment in your future so set your goal carefully and stick to it. No distractions please, well maybe a few after all it is college. I will not use myself as an example. Looking forward to your next posting. Lots of love my dear heartscrapple. Grandma

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