Rainy Bay

San Francisco already feels like home.  Part of me is pained to say that because I miss some very close friends on the central coast, part of me doesn’t believe myself when I say that (I’m waiting for loneliness to strike, for the discomfort that comes along with moving somewhere new) and finally part of me feels really great saying that.

My roommate hasn’t moved in yet, but one of my housemates has and we get along really well–i definitely lucked out.  She’s the sweetest girl, she’s studying abroad from Barcelona and we’re having a great time discovering the city and figuring out the school together.  We’re both very happy to have each others’ company, and excited because even if we don’t get along with the other roommates, at least we have each other!

Today I’m going to the Academy of Sciences with some friends because it’s free admission today.  I went with my dad, sister and Michelle (my house mate) on Monday and this a picture in front of the dinosaur:

Tomorrow is the new student orientation, which I’m very excited about because I feel like  I need some more information… I’m out in left field here, especially compared to Michelle who has been going to International student orientations all week.

All I really need before school starts is a pair of rain boots, the hunt is on.

Hope everyone is staying safe and dry.  xxxxxx


4 thoughts on “Rainy Bay

  1. Sierra says:

    Erika I am so glad that you are taking well to SF : ) I absolutely love this city and still get gitty every time I drive through the rainbow tunnel and see the golden gate! I have no doubt that you will make some good friends in the city and I am sure you already have some there as well but if you ever wanna hang out or just do something as simple as cook a meal together, give me a call!

  2. Dear Erika Heroica
    How is that weird white crocodile at the Academy? Hope your Orientation got you squared up, not that I want you to be a square of course. Well keep rolling this blog so I can keep up with you a bit. Love Grandma

  3. Amy says:

    Darling Erka,
    Im so very happy that acclimating to the city from such an opposite lifestyle has gone well for you. We all knew you were going to love it, but didn’t want to admit it because we didn’t want you to leave us! Have a great first week at class you’ll do great and good luck climbing all those treacherous stairs (it’ll be your morning workout)! Love you bunches xoxoxox

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