The Sun Came Out!

It’s the middle of my first week of school in SF… It’s been a hectic week, inspiring to say the least, and so far, my classes seem appropriately difficult.  The most rigorous, perhaps, is going to be my Sexual Ethics class, which requires lots of reading.  The most time consuming will probably be my Museum Studies class.  I just found out that I am on the PR Board for the Art+Architecture Annual.  It’s a show in the Spring showcasing the work of the Juniors and Seniors.  There will be a professional panel and large prizes for winners, and I get to organize the promotion, opening night (I want authentic Italian, a big jazz band, and I’d love it if Sebastiani Winery would provide the vino… You have to outline your goals if you want to manifest them, right??  No such thing as aiming too high.)  as well as the awards ceremony and I might be in charge of MC-ing the event.  Hopefully there is someone else who wants to do that more than me…

Japanese is TOUGH… there are a lot of students of Asian descent in the class, which begs the question, how do you already have numbers 1-100 memorized? I’ve already made over 50 note cards and I just carry them with me everywhere, looking at them whenever I can.  What other way is there?  I have to say, I feel a little lost in this class already, only because the teacher speaks half in English and half in Japanese.  She also has online homework that you submit to a digital dropbox as well as regular homework and a mandatory weekly 45 minute tutoring session… In this case, I’m going to be like Forrest Gump and just do what I’m told to do promptly until someone tells me to do otherwise.

I’m also organizing an intramural indoor soccer team because I think it would be a really fun thing to do.  So far, I have 3 people on my team, including myself.  Haha… yeah, i know.  I’m determined to put together a team by next Wed. We play every Tuesday evening… not too much, just a fun way to get some exercise and make some friends.

Weekend is full already!  Thursday Basketball game, Friday I’m going with some friends to a party that Rayna’s brother is DJing, Saturday… Rugby game at 1 and then I’m supposed to get a glass of wine with a cute boy and I hope we can meet up with my friends afterward… Sunday, study day.

I hope my books come ASAP!  Also, Michelle’s roommate moved in.  She’s really nice also!  My room is still a single 🙂 yippee.  Gotta run to the library. Big Kisses!


4 thoughts on “The Sun Came Out!

  1. Eva says:

    Can I be study buddies? Oh wait I live 300 miles away… 🙂 but that’s okay because I love you both very much and I’m glad to see this blog up and running again. Hugs and kisses and lots of love sent your way to get everything done. Have a great weekend!

  2. Dear Erika How come you are putting on that big Spring show Pr whoeee they really set you down running. I think that is the best way to learn just jump in. Japanese? Sexual Ethics? Museum Studies? Does not sound like English 101 or anything I ground through a hundred years ago. Much more interesting. Go girl, you are on! No I don’t think there will be time in the hinterland for the senior curating job this year. And that’s fine too Love Grandma

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