Sophia, Salami and Soccer

Hello!  Wonderful things are happening.  First of all, my Grandma got a new puppy, here is the picture.  I’ve never met her but she has my favorite name (Sophia) and she looks like my new best friend:

Second, a story:  When I went to Boston over the Summer to visit my sister, one of her friends was eager to know how the Salami Love story ended, and I was regretful to inform him that it indeed had ended, not to mention on a somewhat sour note. Do you remember my Salami Love story from last Spring?  A year later, to my dismay, Salami Love has been resurrected.  I no longer know how ethical it feels to use this story as a narrative for my blog….  It sort of seems like the plot content of a 90’s teen movie… you know, the kind where the person finds out, feels used, so the journalism student has to make a grand gesture?  They apologize for using the person in a story and confess that it began as a lead for an article but that it had become so much more… you know these kinds of movies.  It’s like 10 Things I Hate About You and She’s All That but with a twist of 27 Dresses.

Of course, Salami didn’t begin as just a story, I turned it into a story. I thought writing about it in a humerous way would keep me objective, sane and allow me some perspective to laugh at myself.  Some things happened, a lot didn’t happen, and I thought it was a closed book until he went into the sandwich shop (9 months later) looking for me the day after my last day working there.  We reconnected and since we both live in the Bay Area now, we went out for a glass of wine on Saturday. He actually seems like the great guy I always thought he was.   A life lesson is in there somewhere, perhaps.  But then again, the story isn’t over.  I don’t think I’m going to write much more about it, I just thought my readers in Boston would like to know…

Also, since I’m on the topic of salami sandwiches, I had the best sandwich I’ve ever had from the Molinari Deli in North Beach.  I’m telling you…  amazing, words don’t do it justice.  Heaven in my mouth, go there as soon as you can.

Third, I compiled a soccer team!  It’s outdoor soccer on Saturday afternoons.  I have a captains meeting on Wednesday, more info to come.  Gotta run, XOXO


3 thoughts on “Sophia, Salami and Soccer

  1. Dear Erika
    Sophis is very pleased with the blog coverage. Excuse me while I go on and on, slept in her crate last night and woke up at 5 I got her up, she took care of business and we both went back to sleep, first ride in crate in car today, next off to the vet for shots. Found out she is actually 18 weeks old. Yes she is my new love, my Sophie latte special and Pippin’s plague and pollution. But we are settling down to a routine. I am going to get trained Saturday at puppy class. Never too old for a love affair I say. Lot of love my sweet salamuko. Grandma

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