Not Going Into The Laundry Business

For those of you who might be wondering what happened to my Twitter account, I DELETED IT.  I got rid of it like a foosball table at a garage sale.  It got old (and I hate to say you told me so.)

Since childhood, my mind’s eye has constructed an image of who I want to become, where, and what I’m going to do.  This image serves as an aid when I make important life decisions.  Sometimes I have a moment of clarity  and I realize that I’m doing something I only dreamt of doing as a child, like going grocery shopping for myself, or going out with friends for drinks.  These things are great, and at this point my plan is to build upon this list of things I’ve always wanted to do or (are you ready for Marxism) to have.  Simply having pinot grigio, prosciutto de parma and aged asiago in the fridge, or drinking fine cappuccinos on a regular basis aren’t the negligible moments where I’ll realize that I’VE MADE IT.  No, it will be the day that I can hire a laundry service to wash and fold my clothes.  I don’t want to do my laundry for a moment longer than I have to.  I always have and always will despise folding…  I enjoy dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping… but laundry is just disgustingly tedious and it takes far too much time. I know this day will eventually come, I can hardly wait.  On that note, does anyone know how to pull lipstick from cotton?


4 thoughts on “Not Going Into The Laundry Business

  1. Sierra says:

    Bahahahaha! No I do not have a single suggestion for how to solve that problem but I hope when the day comes that the person folding your laundry is someone like your husband. Haha

  2. Dear Erika
    If you will do my vacuuming I will do your laundry, of course you would have to live next door and that would be well maybe not yet so great. Who wants to live next door to their Grandma and try to party. Nope
    Looooooveya Grandma

  3. laura says:

    My favorite day was monday’s. I would leave early for the beach,surf with my friends, come home to a clean house thanks to the lovely Concha! I would have some time to myself before you got home from school. Life is what you make it! Laundry service is in your future!

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