707/415 and Other Distractions

I’m in motion, true to the name of this blog.  Where I’m going is not as clear…  I feel like I’m in transition.  Not the kind that sends you flailing through the atmosphere, more like bus travel…  Slow, steady, mostly enjoyable until someone takes a shit in the bathroom.  In bus travel, change is not so abrupt.  The scenery goes by, you watch the mountains morph, the coastline wane, the In ‘n Out’s fly past, and by the time you get to your destination, you already feel like a slightly different person.

Sometimes it’s scary to see the life you’ve always imagined begin to manifest itself.  How do you trust that what you want for yourself is what is best?  How do you react when what you want is profoundly different from what you used to want?  Who to trust is tough also.  Candid moments seem to reveal someone… although, I watched someone give a hand to a man that needed help standing.  When this someone turned around to face me again, they didn’t look proud, but I am still apprehensive.

I’m getting a new phone this week, I’m switching to a 415 area code. I have a strong feeling this is just as symbolic to others as it is to me, but probably not in the positive way that I view it.  I hate, more than anything, explaining myself.  Concerning explanations, those who know/love me don’t need one and the rest don’t matter.  My sister made it seem as though I’m giving up a basic part of my identity by switching area codes, which made me want to even more.  Really though, I’m seizing a rare opportunity.  My motivation is purely superficial, I’ve had a 707 my whole life and more than anything I love a good change.

Lastly, I gave up Facebook for lent.  Feels liberating.  Michelle changed my password for me and there is no way I’ll be signing on before Easter.  Woahhh…  Okay, watching Mad Men and then going to bed.

Maybe without FB I’ll blog more, lucky you.


2 thoughts on “707/415 and Other Distractions

  1. ashley says:

    I don’t know if you got my text message or if you have the new number yet, but I really am sorry for getting on your case about it. Perhaps it’s envy, who knows.

    I got your card today, and I realized that I’ve unintentionally started a collection of Valentine’s Day hearts from you! They are on my wall, and I love them, ALOMST as much as I love you 🙂

  2. rayna says:

    miss erika, your transition from 707 to 805 to 415 has changed you into one of the most beautiful souls i’ve ever met. i hope you’re trusting your gut in the realization that you are here for a reason as you have been everywhere else for a reason as well. just remember it took a japanese voyage to come to the understanding that life is meant to be shared and i’m so thankful you’re here in sf to share it with me. i love you much much much.

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