I Think I Have A Slight Lazy Eye

I want to see this movie sooo badly!! I had to post this trailer before I began my post because I need a jumping off point.  Tooooo much has happened!  This past weekend was wild.  It was so wild it makes me feel guilty that I’m not even 21 yet.  Here are a few pictures:

I might get in trouble for these pictures–my Dad doesn’t seem to appreciate when I use little discretion.  Luckily I spent the vast majority of Sunday in the library studying.

Life is pretty good, times are stressful, but that’s why we have iPhone apps that help us unwind, right?  I’m telling you, this new application I have on my phone is the voice of this Scottish hypnotist. He puts me to sleep,  It’s AMAZING!  You’re supposed to use it once a day for a minimum of 3 weeks, but it is meant to help your overall stress levels and I have to say this doesn’t seem to be a joke.

Last night this guy I’m seeing took me out to dinner as he was driving though SF on his way back from Tahoe.  It was spontaneous and I was exhausted so I felt really relaxed, I guess you could say.  But it was the most well-spent hour I’ve had all week.  Almost dream state, eating a meal with someone you care about but are just getting to know has an amount of pleasure to it that you don’t realize in the moment.  I had a salad, so of course there where a few awkward bites, but other than that, I felt lifted.

I miss sunshine, and I can’t wait for Spring Break.  I’m going to spend it with friends on vacation in Sonoma, swimming, hot tubbing, riding bikes, wine tasting… it will be wonderful.




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