Spring Break So Far:

Day 1: Molly and I took a trip to visit friends in Santa Clara… let’s just sum it up by saying 8 hours, 7 girls, 6 bottles of wine, 2 homemade pizzas and enough dark chocolate (which means a lot).  The next morning was a stunning day (see picture), and every girl was very happy about the night before.  It seems we all needed a good solid night of girl talk and good friends.

Day 2: Santa Clara farmers market, bought an orchid for $5 (unbelieveable!) attempted to tan with molly (pathetic attempt, I think she would agree) and then I threw a party for my Japanese class.  My dad brought fresh fish, Japanese beer and 5 of his Japan Airlines students to converse with my Japanese class… unfortunately only 1 of my classmates showed up.  My professor came tho, and molly was there.  I can’t say it was a failure and I can’t say a success.  On one hand, my apartment still smells slightly of fish (I can’t seem to make it go away!) and on the other hand… well, I attempted something no one has ever attempted before.

Day 3: Sunday with the Baldry Family, my favorite family (besides my own of course).  It was refreshing to spend time with them, even though I was tired.  They really are family to me, and they think of me the same way, like a 3rd daughter.  It completes a part of me to be loved unconditionally by such a loving family, and a family other than my own.  They have taught me things like the power of love in accomplishing your dreams, and the importance of family.  It doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have, so long as you have happiness and you have each other.

That evening I took a nap, woke up and drank a beer and the guy I’m dating came to visit me.  I wish I could refer to him by name but that would be creepy I think.  He had a beer and we talked and then ran for the bus to see the movie A Single Man, which was beautiful and thought provoking albeit sad.  I can’t say I internalized the emotion of the movie as much as I normally might have because I was a bit distracted by the cute guy I was sitting next to, but I know it’s quite easily a tear jerker.

Can I just say, I absolutely adore this person I’m dating. ADORE, I TELL YOU!

Day 4: Slept in, went to the Marina, Dad met up with me and we went to lunch (my favorite deli, Molinari 4 life) and I came back to Sonoma with him to continue my spring break.  I brought all my laundry and took it over to my mom’s house to do.  While I was running these laundry loads I made it my personal mission to take a scorching hot bubble bath and eat a slice of the chocolate cake I found in her house.  So I boiled pots of water and added them to the almost full, not quite hot enough tub, and relaxed for a good hour.  Lit some candles, drank some tea, listened to some classical piano, AMAZING.  Then I folded laundry and watched the Colbert Report and here I am, hangin’ out with the cat.

Tomorrow is day 5, will report later in the week! XO


One thought on “Spring Break So Far:

  1. Dear Erika What a grand life you are living. Bravo. Guess we will miss each other I will be down the 25th. And the big 21 is coming up. Can it be!!!! Love Grandma

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