Stupid Cupid.

As many are soon to know, I joined a dating site about 2 months ago when I got back to San Francisco from my Summer in NYC.  It was something a friend had a lot of luck with and I didn’t see the harm in trying it out (still don’t, despite the story I’m about to tell..)  Anyway, I went on a few very nice dates, although I can’t say the forum of meeting someone online works well for me personally.  Mostly I get messages from neurotic, hopeless romantics who write waaaay too much about themselves and make bold claims about why I should date them even though they’re only 1 out of 5 of my listed requirements: reserved, tall, confident, logical and happy. I don’t know what it was exactly about how I described what I was looking for, but I was paired with rugged, 28 year-old outdoors men who recently relocated to the Bay Area from Connecticut or New York that worked in start-up technology companies.  They were all self-proclaimed “gentlemen” who opened doors and claimed to enjoy pinot grigio and a nice day sailing on the Bay.  Anyway, I didn’t believe them for a second.  They either wanted sex or a loving wife, as male nature would have it.  I’m too young for this bullshit.  So I stopped going on the website, but I still receive messages from guys and I haven’t closed down my account mainly because I see no reason to.  I might enjoy their pandering on my low-key weekends.

Until now.

I got a message today that went something like,

“I feel like I know you… like I’ve had a crush on you since kindergarden…”

From, wouldn’t you know it, my kindergarden “boyfriend”.  I’ve been caught on a dating site by my kindergarden boyfriend who I will, someday, wind up talking to at a High School reunion, and who still has lots of friends in my small home town.

Looking forward to avoiding Mr. Kindergarden in Sonoma this holiday season.


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