These are all things I found written in drafts.  Some of them were as much as 2 years old!  I went though and deleted all of my stored draft posts so I thought I would share what I came across… give it a chance to be published like words deserve to be.  The context of each is totally unknown, which makes it more fun I think.  Enjoy


I totally just stole a stick of string cheese from my roommate and ate it while wondering what kind of young lady buys string cheese.  I’ve never lived with someone who is so incapable of enjoying good food. So bizarre!  But then, at least she has food.  To enjoy other advantages to living in the city, I’ve forgotten about groceries and food too often.  Cous cous is my life boat… I love the stuff and you can eat it for all 3 meals.

It’s Friday but, sadly, it feels like a Wednesday to me.  I ran through

Here’s a fact:  I’m wearing a hat, a scarf, 2 sweatshirts and Ugg boots

The narrator takes the story and crumples it up into a tight ball of pauses and character names and attempts to impart the feeling of the words on the page, and with a strong arm he throws it as hard as possible right at my face.  It hits me so hard that I gasp with air and realize that I have heard nothing for the past 5 minutes…


It’s 10:45 in the morning and I’ve been up since 8 feeling sick.  Sick, but I’m not  unhappy, if that makes sense at all…

When there isn’t an even exchange of love, or a balanced reciprocation, the person who gives more always get shafted.

“christmas lights and dead rabbits”

Did you know that goldfish are the most popular pet in America?  That doesn’t seem right for some reason.



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