I Hope No One Comes To Church Today

I got a job gallery sitting in the art space in the church on my school campus.  It’s gorgeous, and really quiet and meditative on Sundays which I find relaxing.  I can go to church without having to “go” to church…

Lately I feel like sitting in there on other occasions as well.  Organized religion is not something I enjoy, but I certainly can’t deny the ethereal, sublime sense of contemplation that the tall arches and low lighting inspires.  It feels like love and hope in there.

I’m still not feeling like myself.  I want to lead a simple life in the country, I don’t see why life should be this difficult.  Or this lonely.  I realize we need to suffer a little bit to appreciate happiness, and Plato says that education should truly be difficult road.  I don’t know what I need to feel happy again.  But I seriously hope it comes soon.  I think it comes on December 18th, the end of this horrible semester.  I feel like I’ve lost my shot to the stars, like right now I feel like I’ll have to suffer in a city until I can return to the country.  I used to want to be a museum worker in a large institution and now I’d rather be an administrator in a small institution.  I want life on a more simple, small scale surrounded by more people, surrounded by my friends and my sisters.



One thought on “I Hope No One Comes To Church Today

  1. ash says:

    You and I must be twins, or something! Perfectly articulated.. The sense of accomplishment that you will feel when you are FINALLY able to scamper off to the country, looking back at the ridiculous adventure you just conquered, will be so worth all of the hard work that is being thrown at you right now. I almost cry sometimes thinking of what that will feel like and how it seems so unbearably far away. But you are sensational, and you can do this!

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