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East Coast Combo

This is the first post from my iPhone. Usually I take much
more care with this blog than I do with my Tumblr blog, but now I
suppose i’ll have to begin treating this blog much in the same way
since I can post so easily. Right now my dad and I are beginning
our road trip from Syracuse, New York down to the Florida keyes.
I’m really excited about seeing the outer banks of North Carolina
and Savannah, Georgia. Oh… I cannot wait to see savannah. I
almost went to school there so that I could experience the south
and see the Spanish moss and the peaches and have a slow life full of wrap-around porches and sweet tea.
Once I figure out how to post pictures I’ll get them up here.

This next year will hopefully be an improvement on the last. My goals are remarkable but altogether attainable: I’m going to run the Santa barbara half marathon, study Spanish for a month in Madrid, study art for a semester in London with my good friend Hannah and get an internship with a prestigious gallery. I’ll try to do them all–I think I can. Some are contingent on things out of my control but such is life.

I hope my dad finds some level of stability this year, I hope my friend mike finds happiness after the death of his brother, I hope my sisters and I grow closer (not further apart), I would love to see my friends Michelle and Hugo again, and I hope I can keep growing my hair out..Haha.
Anyway, tonight my dad and I are installing flooring in the trailer and we’ll spend our first night in there. Should be fun!! Hope everyone had a fun and happy holiday season. Post soon. Xxxx


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