22, Study Abroad

My Arrival: On The Really Real

In past years, it became quite apparent to me that any voyage, small or large, wouldn’t be proper without a blog to share it.  It just so happens that we all fall out of certain habits, as I have done with this blog…  Make no mistake–the past year may not have been recorded on said blog, but it remains to be the most epic year of my life.  Sorry I didn’t share!!  Blogging takes an amount of spare time and diverted focus that I could not afford to diwndle on contemplating the history of apples and peanut butter, or the origin of the shoes I saw on a girl at Delores.

That said, I am about to embark on what is, undoubtedly, the biggest adventure of my life and I could not possibly feel good about doing so without the proverbial anchor that is my blog.  Anchor for me and also anchor for you, since ((if you are reading this)) you must be a family member or loved-one who cares about my safety abroad.  I suppose in that sense it will serve as a beacon to offer the message “I AM OKAY”.  Let’s take some liberties and say that it will joyfully exclaim, “I AM DOING AMAZING!!!!!!!”  Yeah, I’m pretty much counting on that.

So, here’s the deal:

7 months abroad
3 cities called “home”

  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • London

As many countries as I can manage to afford

  • New York
  • Italy
  • France
  • Turkey
  • Greece
  • Morocco
  • ??????

And I’ve adopted the mindset that I am not as much saying “goodbye” to anyone in San Francisco and the United States as much as I am saying hellooooo! to the world and to my friends abroad (ones I already have and ones that I will make).  I’m arriving, I am not leaving.  I’m beginning everything, I am not ending anything.  I am a different person than was the girl who traveled though Japan: I am more confident and savvy, I harness fear as a way to propel me until my next adventure, I care for myself with compassion and understand the work it takes to maintain strength of body and mind.  Most IMPORTANTLY:  I cannot wait to leave!!!!!

Therein begins my adventure.  I just need to take my Spanish final, and pack (oh yeah, that small task) and eat my last almond croissant at Rigolo Cafe with my best friend and then it begins.  So add me to your RSS feed once again because this shit is about to get really real.



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