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Last week, inflight from New York to London:

Let’s see how long this laptop battery lasts before it dies… worth a shot since I’m six miles above the Atlantic ocean, just off the coast of Ireland and I’m not sure I’ll ever have the opportunity to write a blog post in said circumstance.  This is all so exciting and I’ve honestly surprised myself with now calm and relaxed I am about the whole thing.  So far, traveling couldn’t be going smoother.  I can tell that I am tired because this post lacks a certain air of charm, but you understand.

New York was amazinngggggg!!  It was so necessary that I hang with my dad and sisters before I head overseas.  It was exactly as I had wanted.  I got some good laughs with the fam, went to some good parties with my friends, ate great food, drank strong drinks, (and some Brooklyn lager, one of my favorites [who’s bringing Brooklyn Ale to the west coast??})  New York has started to feel a lot like home to me, and it was difficult to leave my sisters knowing they’re going to have an amazing summer without me.  DON’T get me wrong, I know that the adventure that await me in Europe will be AWESOME, I’m just going to miss my family, that’s all.  We can’t be everywhere.

I’m about to land in London for a few hours before I connect to Madri—I should be there aroung 11.  Going to get a cab, get to my room, freshen up and (hopefully) head out for some lunch with my roomie.  I’m hoping the jet lag is minimal…. I’m taking supplements and trying to get some rest although, aiplane sleep can only be so restful.  Stopping over in new york was crucial for the jet lag I think though.

In terms of my thoughts on flying to Europe, it’s strange, the only thing I’m wondering is where my waterbottle went…. I know it’s here somewhere and somehow I can’t find it in like 2 cubic feet of space.

AND THE NEXT BLOG POST, of which I wrote this morning:

May 24

Blog Post para ti!!  Sorry about my last post, I was kind of furious if you couldn’t tell….  Hahaha.

It’s 7 am and I already went for a run and showered.  Essentially, I;m loving this whole “jet lag” thing.  It enables me to get up early for a sunrise run, and I also get to siesta in the afternoons which should not be a Spanish cultural tradition that is assimilated into the bustling fiscal world.  Siestas in the heat, with jet lag make me feel so good that the only way I can describe it is that it makes me feel like a cozy, warm little teddy bear, which is what I called myself one day when I was half asleep.

I have to talk about school—it’s going to be a blast.  Even though it’s all day, the last part of the day is a “didatic cultural activity” which turns out to be a structured activity that (I gather) we mostly do on our own.  The group dynamics of the class are amazing.  It’s so entertaining I can’t even being to tell you…. It’s like the breakfast club on crack.  I’ll just tell you one aspect of this group for now:

So there’s this older med student that we call “metro man” because he’d take the metro one block if he could, and sometimes we call him “el doctor”.  He’s basically your typical dorky, loud American kid who happens to be decent at Spanish but who says super dorky things.  Dorky American.  Enough said.

His roommate is this super tall, skinny kid from Seattle.  He’s got the swag of someone like the lead singer of the Strokes and seems like the kid who took bong rips of tobacco  in high school but managed to still get straight A’s.  He’s tough to read, and has a sense of humor that’s a combination between sarcastic and condescending which basically makes the fact that he’s roommates with el doctor amazing.  One day, el doctor noticed that his clothes looked very different, some would say “lesser than” the men of Madrid and so he decided to go shopping.  He showed up to school wearing baby blue chinos and a light green pin striped button down with a new pair of leather loafers and Seattle said, “damn, it’s easter.  Das cool”  and I don’t know, it’s basically the funniest thing ever.

This is my school...

... and this is me in my school.

Anway, gotta make some breakfast and head off to school.  The girls walk, the guys metro.  The pictures above are of my school and my walk to school (takes a cool 20 minutes)

Plaza del Sol, where the protests are happening. A lot going on there && Matea on her celly


3 thoughts on “2 For 1 Blog Posts

  1. Grandmama says:

    Dear Erika I got your phone call what a delight! I am so glad you are already just taking it all like a duck to water. It looks so Spanish, oh my. Did you get the photos i send to your email of the graduation? I looked at Skype and will need some help to sort myself out. But I am trying to at least tag along a bit. Siesta a lot, eat a lot of tapas, I am going to try out my poco y poco Spanish soon on you. Love you lots Spunk. What is spunk in Spanish? Adios mi preciosa,mi nieta from tu abuelita con amor. Ha

  2. Tina Baldry says:

    Hi Erika! I got your message and couldn’t believe it! The worst part is that my phone was on my desk right next to me, but it didn’t ring. Time for a new phone. I read your blog and love it. I feel like I’m right there with you. Great photos, beautiful friends. Life is good. I’ll be checking in…have a blast! Love you lots, Tina

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