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Time is Nothing, Sleep is King

THE SIESTA IS NOTHING TO JOKE ABOUT.  Taking a 2 hour nap in the afternoon makes it easy to stay out until 5 am because even if you’re in bed at 6am, you sleep until 11, do your thang in the day time, come home and doze off from 8 to 10, eat dinner and do it all again.  I thought this plan was golden–I still think it is— but here I am with a fever and the aches laying in bed in Madrid on a gorgeous day.  Damn.

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee going out here though.  So far my favorite place is called El Tigre.  You pay 6 euros for a GIANT MOJITO and with every drink comes a free plate of tapas that trump any bar food I’ve ever seen/had/heard of.  Poblano peppers roasted with olive oil and salt, papas with a flavorful tomato reduction sauce, roasted CHICKEN WINGS TO DIE FOR, and these little balls that taste like a little ball of fried mashed potatoes…. it’s amazing.  There is a thin counter around the entire inside-perimeter of little spot and you eat it standing there with all your friends, struggling to hear them over the dozens of other people who are struggling to hear their friends too.  The cane sugar in the bottom of the mojito is the best part.  “Uno mas, por favor”.

I cook 2 meals a day in our little apartment and wash my laundry in the tub.  Produce here is amazing, THE TOMATOES!!  Amazing.  Also, they don’t refrigerate their eggs or milk.  So bizarre. Going to Barcelona next weekend and planning a trip to Morocco and Basque country.  Been talking to people about London, also–I’m starting to get worried because all I hear is, “ITS SOOOOOOOO EXPENSIVEEEE”.  Thinking I’ll buy(steal) a bike when I’m over there because the tube is about 8 dollars per trip.  Maybe I’ll buy cigarette cartons in Morocco and sling them for 3 times the price in London, which will still be a deal.

Gunna take a nap.  Hope everyone is well.  Besos!


2 thoughts on “Time is Nothing, Sleep is King

  1. Leah says:

    Let me know when your in London, I’ll see if one of my cousins can set you up with a bike. Everything sounds amazing, especially the siesta 🙂 you know I’m the queen

    • Erika says:

      Leah, honey child, you are amazing. Have an incredible time in Las Vegas, I owe you an email, expect it in a few hours. And pack your damn suitcase, I know all you need are sexy panties and high heels anyway.

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