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Barcelona Is Swimming With Scenery



Some of which I’ve included here.  See the slide show below, click the images for a bigger size.  Barcelona has more character than any city I’ve ever seen/heard of.  Needless to say, I’m in love and I can’t wait to get back there in a few weeks.  I’ll write more later but it’s 4 am and I was promptly pick-pocketed a few hours ago upon my arrival in Madrid.  And yes, he got my passport, too.  I was on a short escalator, I felt it, turned, looked him in the face and he was gone as I stepped off the escalator and turned to chase after him.  He was an old man with a long nose.  I hope my huge amount of 10 euros buys him a few bocadillos and a cerveza because old men shouldn’t have to pick pocket at 2 am on a Sunday.  I’m trying so hard not to wish awful, violent things for that man.  I’m trying sooooo hard.


I don’t think I’m sleeping tonight.  Hoping I can still get into Lisbon next weekend with a Passport card.  Anyone have any idea if you have to present your passport if you’re traveling within the EU?  Let me know.  Besos.

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3 thoughts on “Barcelona Is Swimming With Scenery

  1. leah says:

    mom says get to an american embassy ASAP, but doesnt think youll need a passport by train through europe (not entirely sure these days). im off tomorrow (today for you) call if you need anything love.

    • leah says:

      also, I have family leaving for barcelona at the end of the month. if you need anything brought over we will arrange for you to meet

  2. Grandmama says:

    Dear Erika my spunk!
    What a wonderful time you are having, pickpocket and all. Part of the experience but only once I hope. The photos are a reminder of how some things do not change that much. I hope you are doing OK in Morocco. Send some emails, etc. I think of the uproar of the Middle East and wonder if you have protection and security. But I am not really worrying, too much anyway. Enjoy this fantastic time, you are just the person to see and meet everyone and plumb the journey to the fullest. Lots of love Grandmama

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