Study Abroad

Barcelona is EL MEJOR

In a city where the tourists multiply exponentially in the summer months, I am lucky enough to have friends here who have been born and raised in Barcelona, which makes a difference because being a tourist for a month never suited anyone well.  I also have an amazing little red book with all of the tidbits of insider information that Barcelona can offer.  The travel book is so good that it makes me feel at home here–even Gonzalo, Michelle’s boyfriend, wants one for himself!  Tell me another guide book where the locals want a copy….  I dare you.

I’m staying with Michelle for a week or so, but everyone has taken me in so kindly and generously I have to say it’s been a little bit difficult to accept so much generosity.  I never eat alone–this is the greatest thing of all.  No one should eat alone in Barcelona, ever.  It could be a rule of the city but no one could notice because no one eats alone anyway!  The food, oh my god the food….  Just as I was getting bored of Spanish food in Madrid, I came to Barcelona and I’ve never been so satiated and delighted by food in my life!!

I forgot to mention, Wes came to visit and we had a blast, I’ll post pictures of that as soon as I find some WiFi for my computer.

Have to go eat lunch, meat meat all the time and I LOVE IT.  Can you believe that?!


OKAY — I’ll try to write more.  BESOSSSS!!


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