Just your average 20-something.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. alyse says:

    I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE DOING WELL AND I HOPE YOU ARE HAVING AN AMAZING TIME. its an experience im sure!!!!!! have an awesome time!

  2. mom says:

    Your day sounds like heaven as I pack and clean out closets listening to the rain. I would certainly skip school for a day of pear picking,sushi, and beach.
    Love Mom

  3. Dear Erika, I am thrilled to get your blog finally. I will send this and then read it because I wnat to send a big heartfelt hug and kisses. You are just thrilling me. On to the blog. All is well here still plodding on getting the show together for Nov 4th. Will write again as soon as I read your fine missal.. LUVYATOOTS

  4. Dear Erika, Your eloquent description of the power of love is a testament to your power and insight. And what power and insight. How can you have it so right so young. Well I venture to say you are a generation that will reform the world in ways that we oldsters cannot imagine. Bravo. Always remember too that you are standing on the ancesters shoulders. We are behind you with all our love and devotion my darling. Today is the show. It looks great and Carol’s paintings are so strong, looks like a blockbuster. Love Grandma

  5. sweety pushiii, missing you, where are you now, remember our fews days together in Japan. It had to be that, to meet you there travelling from old Germany. Don’t worry, there are so many unhappy people around, in every place on the face of that planet Earth, where we live. In fact japanese new generation people are more reserved that germans. I also asked Koyuri about why today japanese are so sad. She doesn’t know, and I suppose, they are not lucky with their lives indeed. Thats why we should chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo every day and pray for the young people like you and for the next generation. Will right you several emails….. please take care of you, angels always follow you by your side. Love, Maria

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