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In Terms Of Africa…

What can be done?  Can anything be done? Africa is a few hundred evoloutionary years behind the rest of the world; The bloodshed and violence is repulsive and horrific, but I’m wondering… is there really anything that can be done to stop it?  When speaking of 2 people fighting, there are times when the best thing to do is to step aside and simply allow them to have it out.  This can be painful to watch, but both people need to get their own issues off their chests and burn off some steam… only after that has happened are they ready for resolve.  This, to me, is Africa.  Perhaps the powers-that-be have the same thought that I do because no one is intervening effectively.  And now I ask, when does the madness stop? Will Africa ever come up to speed with the rest of the world? And will there ever be a point in which the world will decide that it’s safe to step in and help them resolve and seek solutions?  If we come to that point, will we trouble them by imposing our democratic beliefs?  Democracy is a beautiful thing, but the fact is that it simply doesn’t work for everyone (case in point: Iraq)  Today, these are my worries.

 After much investigation, question, research, news, time, and thought… I, Erika Anderson, fully, officially and decidedly support Barack Obama for President.  I highly encourage anyone on-the-fence or out-of-the-way to do the same.  He is an extremely capeable man, truly inspirational, and is only candidate fit and ready for the job.  I won’t push my political beliefs any further, but allow me to first say that I’ve made an extremely informed decision and I hope everyone else does the same, despite who they decide to vote for.

 I wore flip-flops today in hopes of sun, and my wish came true (a little bit!) Optimism goes a long way my friends…

Have a good day my lovelys 😉