Blogging Round 2

I Got Married

I just wanted to share the most vivid dream I had because
part of me actually feels like I was a bride. Basically, I took a
marriage proposal from a Jehovah’s witness boy that I knew growing
up. I took it even though I didn’t love him because I knew he would
make a good husband??? I know… Obviously uncharacteristic but my
dream-self did it anyway. My dress was gorgeous though… It was a
strapless sweetheart-style and The bodice was adorned in delicate
white feathers. I had brown hair again and my bouquet was lily of
the valley. I stoo outside the chapel talking myself into what I
was about to do and then I walked down the aisle. Everyone stood
and looked at me and my best friends were all at the front and my
fiance was grinning at me and my little sister was standing next to
my friend Hugo, who I hadn’t seen in years and who I didn’t expect
to be there. I guess I got married (don’t remember the vows) and
afterward I ran up to Hugo, who have me a huge hug and demanded to
know why I hadn’t told him I was getting married. I said that I
didn’t know, that it was a last minute decision and I almost
started to cry. He and my little sister danced the rest of the
night and I felt the pang of a life-altering decision to marry a
man of God.

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East Coast Combo

This is the first post from my iPhone. Usually I take much
more care with this blog than I do with my Tumblr blog, but now I
suppose i’ll have to begin treating this blog much in the same way
since I can post so easily. Right now my dad and I are beginning
our road trip from Syracuse, New York down to the Florida keyes.
I’m really excited about seeing the outer banks of North Carolina
and Savannah, Georgia. Oh… I cannot wait to see savannah. I
almost went to school there so that I could experience the south
and see the Spanish moss and the peaches and have a slow life full of wrap-around porches and sweet tea.
Once I figure out how to post pictures I’ll get them up here.

This next year will hopefully be an improvement on the last. My goals are remarkable but altogether attainable: I’m going to run the Santa barbara half marathon, study Spanish for a month in Madrid, study art for a semester in London with my good friend Hannah and get an internship with a prestigious gallery. I’ll try to do them all–I think I can. Some are contingent on things out of my control but such is life.

I hope my dad finds some level of stability this year, I hope my friend mike finds happiness after the death of his brother, I hope my sisters and I grow closer (not further apart), I would love to see my friends Michelle and Hugo again, and I hope I can keep growing my hair out..Haha.
Anyway, tonight my dad and I are installing flooring in the trailer and we’ll spend our first night in there. Should be fun!! Hope everyone had a fun and happy holiday season. Post soon. Xxxx